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District Technology Overview:

Over the past decade, Washington Community Schools has made a large commitment to technology. We have approximately 2000 computers for teacher and student use. This includes, but is not limited to: a teacher/classroom laptop for every certified teacher, a 1:1 laptop for each student in grades 3-12, network printers and server access, high speed Internet, and current software packages to provide students and staff with the technology tools they need.


Technology Vision Statement:

The Washington Community School District is committed to teaching current technology skills to all students and staff. In so doing, learning participants will increase their skills in the use of technology and be empowered to enrich and enhance the learning process. Technology will become an important part of the entire educational process from integration into the curriculum to management of information.


Technology Staff:

Jeff Brock
Director of Technology

Jeff Brock has been with Washington Community Schools since 1996 and has been the Technology Director since 2000.

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John TeBockhorst
Assistant Director of Technology

John TeBockhorst has been with Washington Community Schools since 1996 and has been the Assistant Technology Director since 2000.

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Steve Jones
Data Services Technician

Steve has been on the Technology Team at Washington Community Schools since 2015.

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Technology Documents:

Acceptable Use Policy

Laptop Agreement Form

WHS 1:1 Program Website

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