Collaboration with the University of Iowa Print

Allison Bruhn, an Assistant Professor in Special Education at the University of Iowa College of Education, is helping leaders at two Washington schools determine the impact of two reading intervention programs on students with disabilities, behavior problems and English learners. Bruhn is analyzing two years of data from two of our schools. The schools are using two programs—READ 180 & System 44—to reach students who are reading below grade level and not performing at the proficient level on the Iowa Assessments. “When schools are allocating resources for reading interventions, they want to be sure their programs are working,” says Bruhn, who studied Special Education at Vanderbilt University. “It’s important to look at results, and not just overall; but results for specific populations of students, including those with disabilities, behavior problems and English learners.” Washington Community School District is excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with the University of Iowa to better meet the needs of all of our students. We are hoping to use the positive outcomes from this study to expand to other courses and with all students. We also hope to continue and expand the cooperative relationship with the University of Iowa. Bruhn says the results of the study will likely be available by the end of the school year. (Article Courtesy of University of Iowa & Veta Thode, WCSD Curriculum Director)