JH Solo Ensemble Presentations Print

JH Solo Ensemble presentations were Wednesday, January 12th from 1:30-3:20pm. They were judged by retired Albia band director, Bernie Algood. Pictured are Joseph and Nic performing "The Gold March" by Foret Nocks. Students have been working in their group lessons most of 2nd term in on these solos, duets, trios, and quartets. The rating scale goes from I+ (highest) down to III- (lowest). The students did very well with 10 "I+" ratings, 5 "I" ratings, 2 "I-" ratings, 2 "II+" ratings, and 1 "II" rating. Students playing original music could give their input on creating or altering music details and titles for the ensembles. Some of the titles were "Alice's Wonderland" by Matt Hadder, "Triple A's" by Arthur Fonzereli, "An O.K. Chorale" by Doc Holliday, "The Mendoza Schalk" by Cheyanne Betty, "Something" by Phighve Nijatertles, and "The Race Against Time" by Bruce Jenner.