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Planning For The Future - Jeff Dicks, Superintendent PDF Print E-mail

What a whirlwind to the first half of the year. It seems like we just go rolling, and Christmas break is here. I want to take this time to provide some reminders, updates, and plans for the future.


The deadline for open enrollment is March 1, 2017 for next Fall. This is an important issue for those that choose to make an educational decision that is best for their family. There are many reasons for open enrollment, ranging from certain programs a school offers, better fit geographically, extra curricular offerings, or academic offerings. In the past, Washington has had a deficit open enrollment, but we are making improvements in the open enrollment area. Below are the comparisons showing the open enrollment deficit getting smaller as compared to 2015.


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From The Desk of Mr. Dicks - November 2016 PDF Print E-mail

There are many funding streams that the Washington Community School District utilizes to fund education. Although, our certified enrollment was up 40 students, over the last 3 years we are still down by 38 students. The total budget for the District is nearly $20 million, but that includes all funds available to us. I think it is important to communicate to our staff and patrons the different funds and their allowable uses as we monitor our enrollment(revenue) and expenses.


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From The Desk of Mr. Dicks - October 2016 PDF Print E-mail

Enrollment Up For 2016-17


It is with great pleasure to share that our certified enrollment has increased by 40 students. After dealing with decreases of 26 and 52 respectively the last two years, this is a welcome surprise. Surprise because if we “rolled” our enrollments forward by simply promoting 1st graders to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd, we should have either remained steady or grown a little. But, just as last year when there was no anticipation of a severe decrease, the indicators are hard to pinpoint for such an increase.


What actually makes up this “certified enrollment” number? The certified enrollment, that determines our funding on a per pupil basis, is made up of resident students, whether they attend our district or not. So, residents that choose to attend another district for a variety of reasons, actually are included in our certified enrollment number.


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From The Desk of Mr. Dicks - September 2016 PDF Print E-mail

Kirkwood Enrollment Increases


I just received some preliminary enrollment numbers for Washington County Regional Center for the Fall 2016 term. With this only being the second year, enrollments are showing a strong upward trend. At this time last year, the Center had 220 students from 6 area school districts, compared to 245 students for the Fall of 2016. This trend of increased enrollment is a great reminder of the opportunities available to the students not only in Washington Community School, but also for the surrounding districts. Our students have a great luxury by having this in our community.


Last year, the number of credits earned by Washington Community District students was valued at over $276,000 in tuition that our parents will not have to pay. While not each and every class is guaranteed to transfer, more and more flexibility is being shown by all colleges to accept these credits. This is similar to the same dilemma students could face by taking Advanced Placement (AP) if they are unable to earn a qualifying score at the end of the term, the credit doesn’t transfer. If your student participates at Kirkwood, you will not be faced with 5 years of postsecondary expenses, but rather they should be finishing a 4 year degree in 3 years. What an advantage for our students. We also have a few students on pace to actually receive their Associate of Arts(AA) degree while in high school. While this is not a plan of study for all students, it is nice to know that it is possible.

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