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ISU Extension in Washington County supports youth and their families in a number of ways. Iowa State University Extension & Outreach offers the DARE TO EXCEL newsletter each month during the school year, September through May, to help parents help their children become better learners. The Dare to Excel newsletter shares information about what parents can do at home or in the community that will help children succeed at school. Each newsletter will consistently feature proven parenting practices that research has shown help children become better learners. They will get practical suggestions on topics such as the importance of routines, getting enough sleep, online safety and a lot more.


The November Newsletter focuses on nutrition. How well kids do in school has been linked to how well they eat — if they are getting enough food and getting the kinds of foods they need to be healthy. Parents may get a free download of the newsletter by going to this link https://store.extension.iastate.edu/ProductList.aspx?Keyword=PM3013 . All old newsletters are also available there by clicking the blue “Download” link. This is a great resource that has a lot of valuable information!


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