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How do you get a windmill to do more work? How does a maglev work? What do mechanical and transportation engineers do? Windmills and maglevs were the topics of the EIE (Engineering is Elementary) science camp held at Lincoln Elementary from June 27-July 1st to encourage more students to enter engineering and other STEM related careers. Twenty-three students that will be entering fourth or fifth grade this fall attended the full day camp sponsored by the Washington County Riverboat Foundation, the University of Iowa Engineering department, and the Washington Community School district. During the transportation engineering unit you might have seen us studying the intersection of 4th Avenue and East Washington. They also worked with magnets to learn more about how magnetic levitation (maglev) could be used in trains and other forms of transportation. Students worked as mechanical engineers in designing the best blades to catch the wind for their windmill. Engineering students from the University of Iowa brought lego windmill kits to the classroom that could measure the amount of energy the constructed windmills produced. The students also went to John and Cathy Gent's farm to observe wind turbines that they use in their farm operation. Thank you to everyone who took part in this great program!


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