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The Parent Groups (Stewart Boosters, Lincoln PTG, JH PIE Team and WHS PTO) look out for our schools by helping get supplies and materials. When the WHS PTO was formed, they coordinated all four Parent Groups to split the membership cost to an organization called Naeir which allows members to obtain new, free products that have been donated. Individual parents from the Parent Groups volunteer to go to Galesburg, IL to pick up our orders to avoid the S&H charges. This is all volunteer work and has no cost to the district. This teamwork allows each school to get lots of supplies and materials, while splitting a membership within our school district. Although it's a huge undertaking to coordinate orders, sort orders, etc; it is well worth the effort. The program is working well, money is being saved and the Parent Groups supply our schools with lots of great supplies and materials. Pictured here shows a recent shipment from Naeir being sorted out for distribution to the individual schools. Thank you Parent Groups!


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