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The Odyssey newsletter is a monthly publication written by the Junior High Odyssey Staff.  It has been in existence since 1997.  Currently there are 19 student members on the staff: Jacob, Kaitlin, Grace, Maddie, Sammy, Natalee, Joni, Olivia, Justin, Mitchell, Lauren, Zuleyma, Lexi, Logan, Kyle, Brianna, Jacque, Johannah and Clay.  Mrs. Cindy Seberg is the Advisor and Mr. Curt Mayer is the Administrator.  Soon, you will be able to view this newsletter online.  We are very excitied to share it with you!  One article from the recent newsletter is featured below.  Students do a super job at reporting the news and uncovering interesting things to write about.



A New School

A new high school is coming to town! It will be added onto the current junior high to make a new school, and the current high school will be the junior high.  The new high school will be added onto the current junior high to make a nine through twelve high school. The junior high will be used for future classes and expansion for the high school. The new school will also have multiple parking lots for students and faculty.

“Building the high school onto the current junior high is the best option,” said Stephanie Ellingson, Washington School Board member.  The plan for the future junior high students is to renovate the current high school to make it into a junior high. There will be less classroom disturbances for students and faculty that way.  “Keeping students at the current junior high, then moving them to the current high school for the future junior high is the best,” said Ellingson. “There won’t be as many disturbances for the students.”

After the new high school is built, the school board will have to pass a bond to renovate the “new” junior high. The bond will be a property tax bond, which is sold to an investor but paid back with property tax money over the next 20 years. This will have to pass in order for the new junior high to be renovated.

A lot of people are wondering why the school board is adding onto the current junior high and not building north of town. By using the current junior high to add onto, the money spent will be spent on building a high school. If we were to build north of town, we would have to pay money to build infrastructure. Infrastructure is basically plumbing, water, sewage, etc.  “[The junior high grounds] has the proper infrastructure.” said Ellingson. “The money we have is the money we have to spend; we have to be careful with it.”

- Sammy, Odyssey Staff writer

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