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The Washington Archery Team competed in the National Tournament in Louisville, Kentucky May 7-9. Approximately 12,000 archers from all over the United States participated in the tournament. Washington scored a personal team high of 3277 points. The team placed 80th overall out of approximately 200 high school teams competing. Fantastic job everyone!

High School (HS) results: Kyle B- shot a 284 (personal best), placed 176th/1954 HS boys, 41th/371 senior boys & 255th/6570 overall boy competitors, finished 11th- Iowa boy competitors. John S- shot a 284 with less bullseyes than Kyle, placed 195th/1954 HS boys, 58th/546 sophomore boys & 285th/6570 overall boy competitors, finished 13th- Iowa boy competitors. Joseph D- shot a 279 (personal best), placed 378th/1954 HS boys, 93rd/435 junior boys & 613th/6570 overall boy competitors, finished 20th- Iowa boy competitors. Jade W- shot a 276, placed 295th/1690 HS girls, 83rd/420 junior girls & 556th/5474 overall girl competitors, finished 10th-Iowa girl competitors. Grace S- shot a 273, placed 395th/1690 HS girls, 82nd/452 sophomore girls & 763rd/5474 overall girl competitors, finished 18th-Iowa girl competitors. Middle School (MS) results: Mitchell D- shot a 274, placed 357th/2657 MS boys, 162nd/967 -8th grade boys & finished 1022th overall boy competitors, finished 11th-Iowa MS boy competitors. Sammy M- shot a 272 (personal best), placed 370th/2190 MS girls, 116th/720 -7th grade girls & 864th overall girl competitors, finished 14th- Iowa MS girl competitors. Elementary results: Olin W- shot a 272, placed 93rd/1959 elementary boys, 75th/1152 -5th grade boys & 1229th overall boy competitors, finished 4th-Iowa elementary boys. Kenna R- shot a 233, placed 794th/1594 elementary girls, 527th/961 -5th grade girls & 4116 overall girls competitors, finished 22nd- Iowa elementary girls. 3D (Animal Targets) results: John S- shot a 283, placed 32nd/522 HS boys. 7th out of 139 sophomore boys and 46th/1623 boys overall, finished 4th- Iowa HS boys. Olin W- shot a 259, placed 44th/428 elementary boys, 36th/253 -5th grade boys & 495th/1623 boys overall, finished 4th- Iowa elementary boys.


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