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Thursday, April 16th, is the 2015 State Physics Olympics Competition being held at the University of Northern Iowa McLeod Center in Cedar Falls. This annual event is a series of five competitive events for high school students. Events this year include: Catapult, Mouse-trap car, Bridge building, Soda straw arm & a Challenge problem. The students use a variety of everyday, inexpensive materials including mousetraps, compact discs, rubber bands, toothpicks, straws, etc to build devices to accomplish specific tasks (catapult, mouse trap car, toothpick bridge & soda straw arm); and use existing physics laboratory equipment to determine the mass and uncertainty of an unknown object (challenge problem). The bridge tester is the testing device that will be used for the toothpick bridge. Attending the State Physics Olymics this year are WCSD students: Kyle B, McKenna B, Tyler G, Sarah G, Meredith L, Grant M, Daniel M, Caitlin M, Abigail T, Colton T, Gerrit V, Tyler W & Colton W.

Good Luck Everyone!


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