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Lincoln Elementary is pleased to announce that it has received a Project Grant from the Iowa Arts Council, a division of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs. Matching funds will be contributed by the Lincoln Parent Teacher Group. Grant funds will support a collaboration project in April 2015 with a two-artist team, Lincoln's art teacher and all the students at Lincoln Elementary. The overall project will be an outdoor sculpture which will be a 7'x9' tree that is attached to a panel, made mostly of clay and metal in various forms. Each student will make clay leaves, clay animals, metal grasses, etc. The artists, Pam Dennis and Ryk Weiss of Ogden, Iowa, will lead the project with assistance from Lincoln's art teacher, Jenny Humphreys.

The Project Grant supports the Lincoln Garden Sculpture. With a school art education in mind where students are expected to think creatively and artistically solve problems, this project will impact the vitality of the arts in Iowa. Working with professional artists from Iowa will be an excellent experience for our students at Lincoln elementary to see how actual artists work. This project will help students see that people actually make a living by creating art. Students will take pride in the knowledge that they will leave an artistic legacy at Lincoln Elementary. Attached is a photo example of the work done by Pam Dennis and Ryk Weiss.


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