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We love our chromebooks at Lincoln Elementary! Through grant funding from the Washington County Riverboat Foundation (WCRF), Lincoln Elementary was able to supply every classroom three chromebooks to enable students greater access to the internet, applications and research capabilities. Students now have access to chromebooks during assigned time/ free time to work on math & reading applications as well as do research for class projects. Chromebooks are a fantastic tool for the education market because of many factors: price, security, web only applications, multimedia capability, wireless networking and a large number of quality applications. According to some, it's the most secure operating system out there. Students love them because they are easy to use, lightweight, "just the right size", instant on and useful for video conferencing. Chromebooks could help all students meet their academic needs. They motivate students, give students the opportunity to learn in different ways and are FUN! This is especially important for English Language Learner students, students with special needs and ALL STUDENTS! Thanks again (..... and again) WCRF!


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