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WHS offers a great mentorship program! Bailey, WHS student, has completed a mentorship with the local Washington HACAP. Bailey has learned that her initial plan of becoming a substance abuse counselor has evolved into being an elementary school teacher. Since the inception of the program in 2007; 234 students have been involved in this program. Kathy Stender, Washington High School Counselor, believes this is a unique opportunity for students to examine if their career plans are a match to reality and the type of job they have in mind for their future. As Bailey found out, it is important to know the pros and cons of each profession before you get involved. The mentorship process starts with having a conversation with the school counselor to determine a student’s career interest. Once determined, the student is matched with the career/ mentor and learns if this is a career they'd like to pursue. The student initially reflects upon common knowledge, expectations and goals. A daily journal is kept to foster learning. The student communicates with their advisor on a regular basis to monitor the progress. The program lasts for nine weeks during one of the student’s 85-minute blocks. Some of the careers explored have included: optometry, engineering, EMT, physical therapy, education, counseling, photography, accounting, human services, social worker, radio broadcasting, coaching, nursing, speech pathology, auto mechanic, city administrator and cosmetology. Hats off to WHS for offering this mentorship program and the benefits it gives our students!


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