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New Mental Health Partnership

This year the Washington Community School District has an interagency agreement with the Family Systems mental health program.  The purpose of this agreement is to allow our students to have access to therapy and counseling services. We believe that together with Family Systems staff we can assist students to overcome any social-emotional barriers that may impact their academic progress.

Our staff may discuss the benefits of services for your children. It is always the choice of parents to decide if they want these services for their child(ren). It is also the parent’s choice to decide if they want services provided by Family Systems in the school setting, to have FS provide services outside of school, or if they want services outside of school with another community provider.

One service FS offers is a skill building service called Behavioral Health Intervention Services (BHIS).  This service is designed to work with children with a mental health diagnosis, along with the child’s family, to assist them in alleviating their mental health symptoms.  Examples of skills that can be taught include: coping skills, communication skills, anger management skills, problem solving, decision making, and social skills.  BHIS sessions can take place in the home, at the FS office, or at the school before or after school.  These services can be provided to individuals with Medicaid/TXIX funding.

FS also offers therapy services for individuals, families, groups, or couples.  Therapy sessions are designed to assist in relieving mental health symptoms and facilitating changes in behavior. Therapy is provided by a licensed master’s level mental health clinician.   Sessions can take place at the FS office or at school.  We can provide therapy through various funding sources including: Title XIX, Wellmark, Midland’s Choice, and Hawk-I.

Parents can also refer their child independently and without school involvement by calling 1-800-401-3665 ext. 181.  Family Systems is a division of Systems Unlimited, Inc. and the Washington office is located at 114 Iowa Ave.  This office is also available for counseling adults, for marriage therapy, or for family therapy.

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