• Bus Incident We wanted to make you aware that a bus driver confiscated a plastic look-alike knife from an elementary student at pickup near St. James. The student was waving an object in the bus line. The driver heard it was a knife in which the student proclaimed was real. The driver detained the student as he was attempting to enter the bus. Police were called because the student wouldn’t give the knife to the bus driver. It was confirmed to be a plastic look alike hunting knife. We encourage families to discuss the importance of leaving toy weapons at home. Because of how real toy weapons can appear, school personnel must take immediate action to ensure the safety of students. Safety is the top priority at all of our school buildings and we are thankful that this situation has been handled without incident.
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Friday, December 16 2016 15:47

The basketball games tonight at Keokuk have been postponed to a later date to yet be determined.

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Friday, December 16 2016 12:49


If your kids know you read the messages it might deter them from writing something inappropriate.



There is a lot of competition between peers and who is hanging out together. Posting “friend” pictures adds to the competition and creates jealousy and hard feelings between peers.



Especially if the slumber party is at your house! Two common times for preteens and teens to send hurtful messages to each other are: At night when they are alone in their own space and when they are in groups with peers.

Scenario 1:

The slumber party is at your house and the girls are gossiping about a girl who is not there. Someone says, “That’s why I didn’t invite her. Send her a mean text! She deserves it.” So one of the girls sends a text to the girl who is not there, “You think you are so cool. Nobody likes you! That’s why you weren’t invited.”

Scenario 2:

You are alone in your room. You start thinking about an incident with a friend and you get mad all over again. You know your parents don’t have time to check your text messages. You know you can delete them anyway. So you decide to send a mean text to your friend. “I’m still mad at you and everyone at our lunch table is mad at you. Sit somewhere else tomorrow. We don’t want you to eat with us.”

Social media and electronics lend themselves to drama, if that is how kids decide to use them. Kids today don’t have to have the courage to say it. They simply type a message and push send. It’s so easy to type something mean.

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Thursday, December 15 2016 08:49

WHS PTO will be hosting their Annual Cake and Gift Basket Auction on Monday, December 19 during the basketball games against Marion. Items available at the silent auction include cakes, gift baskets, gift cards, 4 Disney Fast Passes, St Louis Cardinals tickets, reserved parking for Prom and Graduation. Money raised goes to fund classroom requests.

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Wednesday, December 14 2016 13:11

Date: Sunday, December 18, 2016

Time: Soup starts at 1pm

Showcase starts at 1:30

Location: WHS Commons

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Monday, December 12 2016 14:27

Washington Schools is using a new notification system for weather and other school alerts. Parents who have correctly entered their information into PowerSchool (usually as part of student registration) can be notified using email addresses and SMS text messages. Parents can manage their notification preferences by clicking on the Infocenter link on the left side when logged into their Powerschool Parent Account.

Other individuals who would not have their information on file with the school can sign up using the following link. Again, this is not necessary for anyone already in our PowerSchool system. https://asp.schoolmessenger.com/washingtonk12ia/subscriber

Notifications will continue to be posted on our website and on local media stations as we have done in the past.


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